Surviving LaSalle Brothers served in Kuching, Sarawak

There are presently four surviving LaSalle Brothers in Castletown who had served in Kuching / Sarawak for a good number of years.

To most of the younger ex-Josephians, Br Columba and Br Adrian stand out prominently in your mind (and in your heart) while the more senior ex-Josephians would also know Br Mark and Br John (Br Anslem) besides Br Columba and Br Adrian. Other La Salle Brothers who had made an indelible mark in our life were Br Albinus, Br Hilary, Br Henry and Br Patrick.

Br Columba and Br Adrian probably need no introduction. For many younger ex-Josephians, you may not have the privilege of knowing Br Mark and Br John. Br Mark left for Kowloon, Hong Kong in the early 80s, while Br John left in the late 70s to serve in Ireland, England and Africa. Br Mark served in St. Joseph`s Secondary School while Br John served at St. Joseph`s Primary School, as well as St. Patrick`s Private School at Stampin (which was later sold to INTI College – Sarawak Campus). Br Adrian and Br John are blood-brothers.

We all appreciate what all these LaSalle Brothers had done for us in St. Joseph`s Secondary School and Sacred Heart School, Sibu. The number of ex-students of both schools waiting in line to meet these Brothers each time they were back (especially Bro. Columba) speaks volumes of their immense contribution, dedication and commitment in the field of education, without which all of us would not have been what we are today. Their greatness was not represented in any social ranking, but in their service for the lost, least and the last. Their educational endeavours were reflected in improvements in the standard of education among least fortunate to become dignified individuals in the society. Thank you, Brothers.

The attached photos were shared at the courtesy of Mr. Richard Song Swee Jin, who visited Castletown very recently. The Brothers looked great in the photos. Please continue to pray for them, and for their health. May God bless them abundantly in their twilight years.

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Surviving LaSalle Brothers served in Kuching, Sarawak

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