Ora Et Labora

Ora Et Labora

Ora et Labora / Pray and Work


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Dear Ex-Josephians,

Welcome to the website of Josephian Alumni a.k.a Old Josephian Association of Kuching. Our alma mater, like our home formed a base during which we have spent very many years learning, growing, maturing and developing into independent individuals. Now that we are reaping the fruits of our earlier labour, let us not forget our sentimental ties with the past.

OJA Introduction

The St Joseph’s school badge consists of four different emblems, divided by horizontal and vertical lines, and printed on a green background above the motto Ora et Labora.The white emblem and lettering on a green background represent our traditional school colours: green and white. White, the colour of purity, represents the solid foundation built upon a heritage of fine traditions and time-tested values. This supports the green of new life, youth and generations of Josephians, enabling them to meet the changing waves of time.


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