A Mural of the La Selle Principals of St Joseph`s Secondary School 1950 – 1987

Photo shows the mural on stadium wall near the school canteen. Art teacher, En Abdul Razaq bin Kudus (also a Josephian) and his Art Students drew and painted the pictures of the five La Salle principals who had served in St Joseph`s Secondary School after the era of the Mill Hill Fathers. The text boxes at the bottom of the pictures are in sync with the colours of the sports houses: Patrick House named after Br Patrick Donovan who was the principal from Jan1950 – March 1955 is yellow, Henry House named after Br Henry O Brien, principal from March 1955 to June 1960 is red, Hilary House named after Br Hilary McGroary who was at the helm from June 1960 – August 1963 is blue, Albinus House named after Br Albinus O`Flaherty who was the principal from August 1963 to December 1969 is coloured white and finally Columba House which derived its name from Br Columba Gleeson who was the last La Salle principal and serving from January 1970 to December 1987 is brown. This wall mural is a gentle reminder of the omniscient presence of the La Salle Brothers who are fondly remembered as great and kind teachers- teachers who had given their all to help the last, lost and least. It is hoped that students continue to cultivate the Lasallian Spirit and Faith amidst the quest to realise their dreams.

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