Report 100th Anniversary of SGI Taiping

A joint venture of The Malaysian Federation of Lasallian Alumni Association (MFOLSA), together with the Old Georgians` Association (OGA) and SMK St. George`s Institution (SGI) recently concluded the First National Lasallian Leadership Youth Congress in conjunction with their 100th Year Anniversary.

The congress was attended by more than 250 students invited from LaSalle Schools all across Malaysia. They participated in the three-day event at SGI, Taiping, Perak from June 5 to 7.

The theme “A Glorious Past and A Vibrant Future” aimed at forging a notable camaraderie among the Lasallian family.

Apart from the congress there was a centennial celebration, which featured a host of activities. This included a half day sports carnival, a weekend long exhibition highlighting the Lasallian Legacy from 14 Schools Nationwide.

The highlight of the centennial marching band parade was also in conjunction of Yang Di Pertuan Agong`s birthday celebration on June 6th. The parade marched through Taiping town and featured more than 15 marching bands from local schools as well as LaSalle schools. SMK Convent Ave Marie, Ipoh filled the streets with the joyous chants of its cheerleading squad.

The other participating representatives also included the De LaSalle Brothers, LaSalle Alumni, as well as teachers and staffs.

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