The Josephian Day

The Josephian Day is a Josephian Family Day, an integrated effort to bond between the 4 schools- SMK, SK, SJPS Secondary & Primary and SJIS. It is a consolidated effort to come together to celebrate our Josephian spirit, to re-bond with the schools and to integrate the present and ex- students in common interests and activities. Not only do we have in our planning four competitive games-Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton and Futsal, we also have Food Carnival, Games Stalls, Performance Corner and a Book Fair. The date scheduled is the 13 March, Friday- the last day of the term before the mid-term school break.We hope to be able to have for the first time, the attendance of those ex-Josephians who have missed our annual events. We are also looking forward to having all of you at the event. Please spare a bit of your leisure time or excuse yourselves from work to participate in goodwill. The underlying objective is to get all present students to be involved and of course, the old boys, too.

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